Wow…this has been a crazy busy summer! So sorry I haven’t kept up with this blog. But I have awesome things to share this fall and winter. I’ll hint that it has to do with our next big moves (yes plural)! So you won’t want to miss those.

This summer started off with news that David was being put on assignment in Niamey, Niger for 3 months. As much as I was bummed, I also knew it was probably best since this summer was jammed packed full of weddings on my end. Fourth of July weekend, I had 3 weddings total on that Friday, Saturday, and Monday! I was exhausted to say the least! The nice thing was, the weekends I didn’t have a wedding of my own, I was able to still get experience and assist as a second shooter for other photographers in the area.

June, July, and August flew by as I photographed wedding after wedding that took me all over the Chicagoland area. During the weekdays I was serving with our church in the Humboldt Park area, checking out new coffee shops, meeting with other creatives in the area, and helping run our monthly Tuesdays Together meetups. It was pretty boring until the end of August came along.

David knew that during his return trip home at the end of August he would have to travel through Paris. We decided to find a cheap flight for myself, and we spent 5 amazing days travelling around France. There is a blog post coming soon about this trip and I can’t wait to share it.

After Paris, September was full of family and friends coming to visit and only one wedding the whole month, which was fine with me. At the end of September, we travelled to New York because David had to work the UN General Assembly. While out there we were able to see a few friends we haven’t seen in years. One of the families I went to visit out there I was able to take family pictures for.

A few weekends later I was off to Nashville, TN to help a friend with a wedding. Andrew is an amazing photographer, and David and I were really close to their family while we lived in Raleigh. So I of course had leapt at the opportunity when he asked me a few months prior. It’s always great to see old friends again! Here’s some phone pics I took this summer.

Days spent at the beach were the best!

Plenty of long hot walks with Eva girl!

Sunrise from our bedroom window over the city

Hanging with my momma on Lake Michigan

Showing off my city to my momma!

Chicago Skyline from Lake Michigan

Subway stop in NY

Go Cubs Go! We took Davids mom to her first cubs game this summer.



And now, we’re back to the present. We have a lot of things coming up, and I can’t wait to share our Holiday season with you. Can you believe Thanksgiving is 5 weeks away?!?

So tell me what have you been up to this summer? Starting your business? Travelling? Spending time with family and friends? Working? Wedding planning? Drop me a note in the comments!


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