Well friends it’s the beginning of another year, and let me tell you big changes are headed our way in 2018! First, the news everyone has been so excited about! David and I are so beyond blessed and excited to announce that we are expecting a little one in May!! It’s crazy to think that after five and a half years of marriage, our party of 2 is becoming a party of 3.

For those of you who know our story, you probably know that due to David’s job, we move every couple of years. Typically to a major city in the U.S., or anywhere in the world. Over the summer, David spent 3 long months working in Niamey, Niger. While he was there, he grew a heart for the city and of course made tons of friendships with locals and expats. It was during his stint there, that we received that beloved email letting us know Niger would be our next post! So in early 2019 we will be moving to Africa, and I seriously cannot wait. Before we move over there, David and I will take 6 months of language training in Washington DC. Can you guess what language? French!

As far as photography for me, I plan on hopefully still capturing wedding and family portraits. There’s also a huge missionary base there, like Samaritan’s Purse, World Horizons, and many others that I would love to volunteer with.  There’s hundreds of American expats living in Niamey, so there will be a good community for us out there. Many of them have young kids as well! David still stays in touch with many of them which is awesome going into the transition. While David was out there, he was able to attend a traditional Nigerien wedding. Here’s a little snippet to give you an idea!


When we got our bid list, and I saw Niamey listed on there I had absolutely no idea where the city was. I had never even heard of Niger. For a good couple days, I thought it was part of Nigeria. Although they are neighboring countries, they are in fact totally different from each other. I thought it would be a good idea to put together some fun facts about the place we will call our new home a year from now.


Fun Facts About Niger:

  1. Niger is known as one of the hottest countries in the world! It is part of the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, so think hot, then go hotter! You’ve pretty much got dirt and sand out there. Not much in the way of grass!
  2. Niger is home to many of the world’s largest protected animal reserves. W National Park runs along the Niger river, and borders a couple other countries. It’s one of the many places you can go on a Safari in Africa. The park is home to large animals like baboons, antelopes, cheetahs, elephants, hippopotami, African leopards and lions.
  3. The Niger River, the 3rd longest river in Africa winds through Niger. This is actually where the country gets its name from.
  4. The national day of Niger is celebrated on December 18th. Since 1958 this day has always been an historic one, though it was not declared a national festival until 2005. The country commemorates the founding of the republic and the creation of the presidency!
  5. Matthew McConnaghey made Niger somewhat famous for us Americans with the movie Sahara. It’s on Netflix if you’re interested in watching a fun action/adventure movie! From what David mentioned, the culture depicted is pretty accurate.
    Who needs trucks when you have camels?
    David saw plenty of giraffe while he was on a safari during his time there.
    Overlooking part of the Niger river
    Camel or giraffe? Camels along with other animals roam the streets of Niamey.
    Traditional homes in Agadez, one of the largest cities in Niger. Don’t worry, we’ll be living in a place with running water!
    Panorama over the rooftops in Agadez

    That’s right you guessed it…kids pooping on the side of the road in Niamey. This was one of first pictures David sent me when he got to Niamey