Ok, it’s not fake news! But the Big Fake Wedding is coming back to Chicago, and I’m pretty excited about it…as you should be to. Here’s why!

What is the Big Fake Wedding?

Their slogan is “a wedding show alternative, in the form of a big fake wedding”. I think this pretty much sums it up! I’ve been an attendee at a wedding show as a bride to be, and as a vendor. I’ll be the first to say they are pretty overwhelming, exhausting, and don’t really pay off unless you are going for the cookie cutter companies. The Big Fake wedding is different, in that they want to shop small and stay local! They reach out to new and upcoming vendors in the cities they are going to, and ask them to be a part of this event. They plan a whole “fake” wedding with the help of these vendors from the hair and makeup, wedding décor, to the vows. They select a real married couple to come and be the models. Often times these married couples actually renew their vows, or re-commit to one another in front of their family and about 200 “guests” who are typically people planning a wedding! These guests will be able to walk through what they call the “Tunnel of Love” and greet the vendors or get more information. It’s such a genius idea, and I love that they thought of this!

BFW Chicago


Why am I so excited about the Big Fake Wedding?

Another thing that I love about the Big Fake Wedding, is that they don’t bring in an overwhelming amount of vendors. I am one of 3 photographers, and in all the categories from calligraphers to venue rentals they stay small. As a comparison, the wedding show I participated in last year back in North Carolina had over 200 vendors, this Big Fake Wedding here in Chicago only has a 47 (including media outlets to blog about it afterwards!).

Secondly, I love that they encourage solid marriages! Honestly, that is the biggest reason why I am a wedding photographer. Reaching out to real couples who want to renew their vows is huge, and I want to give Callie Murray, a hug for thinking of this and making it a reality!

download for websiteSo what is my role?

I will be able to capture the day just like any other wedding. From the hair & makeup to the reception and dancing at the end of the night! There will be a hallway called the Tunnel Of Love, and the vendors, including myself will have tables with more information for you to check out!


What do you get to do?

First, you can go poke around on their website Here for more info! If you are interested in attending, you can RSVP online here . And if you can’t make it, no worries! A week later all the images will be up on my blog AND on some other amazing blogs for you to go and check out. Of course, I’d love it if you shared it with friends, people you know getting engaged, or just for funsies with your grandma!


Thanks for reading. Until then, my friends, love each other well!