Welcome back! I have a feeling that 2015 is going to bring some big changes for David and I. If you ask me though, all I can answer is I have no idea. The best I can describe it is that we are in a holding pattern, just waiting to see where we are going to land.  Meanwhile, we became super involved in our church and community (If you remember from last week, we like to dive in and get our hands wet). I decided to pursue my graduate certificate in Family and Youth Development/leadership from NC State. David and I think I have this sick obsession with torturing myself with the late nights studying and writing papers, but the truth is I just love learning!

The biggest lesson I learned from 2014 was that no matter what stage of life you are in, you will always be waiting for something. Think about it, 20 somethings are waiting for the perfect job, the perfect spouse, the perfect house. 30 somethings are waiting for their families to start, waiting until their kids are out of diapers. Anyway you get the picture, just think about what you say you can’t wait for. Right now, I can’t wait to find out where we will be in a matter of months, what David’s job will look like, what God is calling me to, and what this photography business will look like

A woman I look up to in my small group gave me some good advice. She said, you can ask God what He wants you to do until you are blue in the face. All He wants is you to wake up in the morning, delight in Him, and be faithful to what He asks of you for that day! Just one day at a time.

I needed this so much I wrote it on my bathroom mirror to remind me each day. So for 2015 I could tell you that, I am working on a fine art photography project this year with the theme of fog. Or that I plan to refurbish and test out my rapidly growing antique camera collections. Or that I am planning on becoming a duathlete, and hope to travel to some pretty amazing places. Although these things are true, the most important thing is that I am taking each day, choosing Him, and being faithful in that day!