Some of you may have heard that I travelled to Haiti at the beginning of December. It was only 5 days, but it was 5 days that shifted my perspective into focus.


13 women who were all connected in some way or another travelled to Haiti, with Heartline Ministries. I have been on missions trips before outside of the US, so I had an idea of what to expect, but on the flight over my expectations of Haiti were slowly dropping. It is by far and away the poorest country in the western hemisphere. However, the amount of money being poured into that country through government aid and the over 30,000 NGO’s on the island is hardly evident in the country. What was evident by the end of the week was the way God is moving on that island.

You may be familiar with the song by Brandon Heath called ‘give me eyes’. This was my prayer throughout the week to see where God was working, and where I could get involved as well. Walking through Haiti with my own eyes, I saw a haze of extreme poverty, malnurished women and children, corruption, bondage, and fear in the eyes of women who don’t know where their next meal for their family is coming from.

I had to tell myself to mentally pull God’s glasses from my forehead down over my eyes. When  I did this, I saw Haiti through God’s eyes. I saw a people that are desperately in need of HOPE, a people that need a redirection of what to put their faith in. I saw God draw people to Him in the midst of a tent city, and protect them as they reached out to their neighbors and friends. I saw pure joy in the eyes and laughs of children playing in a shallow river as God whispered to me, “I have them”. I heard the testimonies of Haitian men and women who lived out the gospel everyday even though it came with daily persecution and even threats. I saw God in Haiti.


Here’s some of my favorite images from the trip there!